In this presentation I attempt to describe some similarities and analogies between literary theory (cultural techniques) and webergonomics, first of all, how could theoretical evidence work in a different field, while still being in a text-based or visualized dimension. The aspect of search means a kind of reading and interpretation for syntax and semantics appear in searching processes as well as in the classical way of text-/texture-reading and interpretation. The aspect of defence means the “health” of the text/texture, either on the web or in a dictatorship; while writing, one has the idea of transparency and usability of his text/texture, but in some contexts one has to change his mind and his writing techniques, too, just for the sake of the special needs of his future readers’ expectations about web2.0/web3.0/mobile technologies.

Az előadás elhangzott: Visual Learning: Emotion – Expresion – Explanation. 4th Visual Learning Conference – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Nov. 15–16, 2013.

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